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Surg / Jan 30, 2020
DDO Bonus Days bring you Double Commendations of Valor, now through February 2nd!

Bigger is Better! Get 25% off:

Gold Seal Elixirs of Sovereign Healing x100
Superior Spell Point Potions x100
Sovereign Guild Renown Elixirs x25
Colossal Ingredient and Augment Bags

Now through February 6th!
Surg / Dec 28, 2019
DDO Bonus Days get you +5% VIP XP, now through December 29th!

For a limited time, get Double Bonus Points, Otto's Boxes, and Tenser's Weapon Boxes in the DDO Store!
Now through January 1st

Hack and Stash!
Get 25% off:

Slayer Boosts
Loot Boosts and Treasure Hunter Elixirs
Select Shared Storage
Select Bags

Now through January 2nd!

December Deals - the final week!

35% off Raid Timer Bypass
50% off Morninglord Iconic
50% off The Vault of Night
75% off Necropolis adventure packs

Now through January 2nd!
Surg / Dec 19, 2019
DDO Bonus Days bring you Double Commendations of Valor, now through December 22nd!

For a Limited Time: Double Bonus Points and Otto's Boxes! Find Double Bonus Points and Heroic, Epic, and Improved Otto's Boxes through January 1st!

Also for a limited time: The Tenser's Weapon Box! A weaponry focused bundle containing the following: 10 units of 5000 Sentient Experience, 20 Sentience Toolkits, 2 Glamered Weapon Auras, 5 Mirrors of Glamering, 2 Lasting Oils of Strengthening. All items are Bound to Account. Available through January 1st!

December Deals Continue! This week, get:

35% off Epic Hearts of Wood
50% off Favored Soul, and Sentience and Jeweler's Toolkits
75% off all UMD Tomes of Skill

Now through December 26th!

Advance Your Alts! Get 25% off:

Tomes of Learning
Select Low-Level Adventure Packs
+2 Ability Tomes
Character Slots

Now through December 26th!

The Weekly Coupon gers you a free Silver Hair Dye with the Coupon Code SILVERHAIR, now through December 26th!